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Cinzia Campolese, Marguerite Anthonioz, Régis Mandrillon, Erminio Alekos Serpente
æpɵˈfiːniə  V.0.0

Installation audio-visuelle de 16 lampes α 

Liège - Belgique



















La lampe  α  fait partie  d’Apophenia V.0.0, une installation audio-visuelle, de 16 lampes, présentée lors du BAM Festival à Liège.


Leur composition crée une altération de la perception qui nous conduit à voir des motifs ou des connections non motivées, grâce à un jeu d’ombre et de lumières et de volumes.


Sobre dans sa conception, chaque élément se compose de trois parties:


  • un boîtier en bois accueillant les éléments techniques et le système d’accroche

  •  une partie centrale faisant support pour les leds

  •  un élément en miroir sur lequel trois fentes diffusent la lumière.




Apophenia is an audio-visual installation, made up of 16 α lamps linked together, and controlled by a specific video timeline. Presented for the first time in Liège at Bam festival.

Apophenia is the experience of seeing patterns or connections in random or meaningless data.


It does not provide insight into the true nature of reality or its interconnectedness, but is a “process of repetitively and monotonously experiencing abnormal meanings in the entire surrounding experiential field which are entirely self-referential, solipsistic and paranoid” (Conrad, Klaus - 1959 “Gestaltanalyse und Daseinsanalytik”).


With this installation we want to offer an intuitive view which leads the audience to discover concealed patterns through the use of shapes and hidden symbols that merge with the real objects.

Seeing patterns where in fact, none exist…


α is made up of three different sections:


  • a wooden box with all the technical elements and rigging system inside of it

  • a central piece with a custom led support

  • a mirror element with 3 slits where light spreads out






Merci à // Thanks to RELABet BAM FESTIVAL

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